Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Cheer

Today is my last day off over christmas, so I am double-determined to be chilled. We had snowfall a week before christmas, and since then the temperatures haven't been high enough for the snow to melt - one night just before christmas the weather station registered -6°C, although we were safely tucked up indoors so didn't notice it! But it has gotten warmer over the last day or so and culminated last night in heavy rain which has washed away all the ice.

I've been itching to get on my bike - didn't go near it when the snow/ice was on the ground - and thought that today might be the day.....except that even as I write it is really wet and misty outside. So it looks like if I do go for a ride, it'll be on the turbo trainer in the lounge.

Christmas was quiet - I took the 23rd and 24th off so was able to ease gently into it. We did a big Sainsbury's shop when it was relatively quiet, which has sorted us for the duration. The only thing we ran out of, really, was bread, although we have some part-baked stuff in the cupboard still.

Keeping up her tradition, Alice has been ill over christmas, although this year it is nothing more than a cold (although she's making the most of it). I got her some Jack Wills vouchers for christmas and it is a gauge of her illness that she was desparate to go out to Winchester on Boxing Day to spend them.

Jacqueline, bless her, has been working every day since Boxing Day, mostly seeing people with flu-like symptoms. They come and see her in the hope that she'll wave a macic wand and prescribe some antibiotics - except that most of the time she can't (there are specific criteria, apparently). So these people wait an hour to see her then leave empty-handed.

A bit fed up with couriers. My main present from Jacqueline (from Amazon) did not arrive, neither did Jacqueline's present from Alice (which I have tracked and which arrived at my client's office the day after I left there). I know there have been issues with the weather, but when I bought the item Amazon were quite happily saying that it should be with me the week before christmas - and I still chose the "expedited delivery" option. And Jacqueline's present - which came all the way from Denmark - arrived in the UK on the 16th but was not delivered until 23rd. And this to central London. Total crap. Anyway.....

I just subscribed to the satellite channel Cinemoi, so have watched a bunch of French movies over christmas. Very hit and miss as regards quality. However Sky did show Avatar over christmas, and that was really good. But it was surprising how much of what was on tv was repeats - we've seen stuff like Dad's Army and Only Fools and Horses over the last few days.

Just seen some guy cycling in front of the house, maybe I should get out later?

Ho hum, back to work tomorrow.

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