Sunday, 5 December 2010


Its now 8am Fr, 7am UK, and we dock in another two hours. Unfortunately although I was tired in my earlier post, I never did get back to sleep. In the end I got up and had a shower, and have just had a bracing walk on deck. Lovely, everything is so quiet - the restaurant is open and a couple of early birds ae tucking into a cooked breakfast - I must admit that sounds tempting, but not just yet. Apart from that, everyone else is crew.

And the reason for my insomnia? Well, I try to keep my talk about work to a minimum, for two reasons mainly. First, there's an amount of confidentiality involved - these people are clients after all so I really should behave professionally toward them. Second, and more importantly, it'd probably bore any reader to tears.

Anyway, my company performs consulting services to these people, which means we engage in contracts at an agreed rate, with fixed start and end dates, rather than it being some kind of permanent arrangement, where there's hope of a pay rise year on year.

The problem I have is this. The current contract is up at the end of the year, and the client has offered an extension. I would like nothing more than to wave goodbye at this juncture, the problem is that I have no other work lined up right now. So whilst walking away from them would give immense satisfaction, it might be something of a pyrrhic victory.

Plus I have the family to consider.


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