Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Been out cycling again, I hadn't really anticipated it but my mate Chris had been getting his car serviced in Dorchester, and decided to cycle down there to pick it up. Slightly mad.

Slightly madder was that I kept him company for about the first thirty miles (just under halfway for him), before I turned off to complete a circuit back to home. The route is here, and at just over fifty miles is my longest single ride. Must admit I always quite like the idea of going out for long, solid day's riding out on the bike, but somehow I always imagined it would be in June rather than January! Chris has tentatively mentioned doing a ride from Land's End to Salisbury (about 200 miles I think) over the royal wedding weekend, although I must first solve the problem of how to carry luggage on my bike. Hmmmmm.......

My knee was really painful the day after the ride, and I must keep an eye on that, although its ok now. That could put the kybosh on multi-day rides, but we'll see.

Have tentatively booked a summer holiday in Luxembourg, of all places. Near a town called Echternach, which I have visited a few times and found totally charming. Right in the south-east of the country, within easy striking distance of both France and Germany, so I suspect it will be a multi-country holiday. We may even come back to the UK via Amsterdam - if not there then Brussels/Brugge at the very least. So there's lots of places in there, many of them new.

Went for a job interview yesterday. Really livid, since it turned out the role failed one of my fundamental tests, but this had been obfuscated by the agent who set up the interview. Tosser. I know they stand to make a lot of money out of placing someone, but do they really think that people are so desparate that they will go for a job they don't want just to keep an agent happy? Well, maybe some people would. But all I see is that the guy wasted a couple of hours of my time, and that pisses me off. Anyway, I shan't dwell on it, its not particularly important in the grand scheme of things so I shall just write it down to experience. Much better to think happy thoughts about my bike!!

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