Sunday, 9 January 2011

Proud of myself

We've had a Wii for something like three or four years, until we noticed a few months ago that it would no longer read DVDs.

I was a bit fed up at first - I hardly ever use it and it just smacks of Alice not taking care of it, for example it is not unusual to find disks scattered around on the floor when she's been using it. So anyway, at the time I resolved to do......nothing.

I relented over christmas and from eBay ordered a new dvd drive from Hong Kong. This arrived Friday, and so yesterday I went through the complicated procedure of taking the Wii apart and fitting the new part. Very fiddly, there must have been a good dozen or so screws that I needed to undo, but I was guided by an excellent video on Youtube.

Never normally into sites like youtube, but this time it came up trumps. And the Wii - looks to be as good as new again, and all for less than £25. Great stuff!

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