Web Links

Some links that'll tell you more about me...

First of all, the family web site - http://www.hurford.me.uk.. This includes information from my home weather station and from my driveway webcam.

One of my main hobbies is photography, and I publish my photographs onto Flickr. My Flickr profile contains lots of photo-related bio information.

Another big hobby is cycling, and I know a few useful sites here. First off, I have a couple of bikes. I keep an old mountain bike in London. I deliberately keep it looking shabby, although it is well-maintained, something which I do myself. I also have a Trek road bike, which I love to bits.

One of the most useful purchases for this bike was a Garmin Edge 500 cycle computer, which contains amongst other things a GPS, and which allows me to log my activities online. The 500 is a brilliant piece of kit, though on a couple of occasions when riding unfamiliar roads I've wished I'd shelled out for a device which supports not only GPS, but also mapping. But I suppose, I always have my phone on my rides, and the phone can do all that fancy stuff.

I have also come across a wonderful web site called Bike Route Toaster, which lets me use Google Maps to pre-plan rides, and which lets me upload my chosen route straight onto the cycle computer. Another site I've found useful regarding GPS/routing is one called GPSies, which allows a many types of conversion between the large number of competing formats out there.

One of the reasons this site is useful is that one of my favourite bits of mapping software is a program called Memory Map. This is brilliant for things like electronic OS maps, although very expensive especially when you consider that sites such as Multimap (who look like they've been taken over by Bing) will offer 1:50k OS maps for free. Needless to say, Memory Map has its own format which doesn't translate directly to Garmin devices.

Memory Map was once particularly useful since I used to own a Windows Mobile phone, although in November 2010 I'd finally had enough and bought an Android device, a Samsung Galaxy S. This is a far more impressive phone, although given that the Windows phone was around three years old, that's like comparing apples and oranges. But there is an app for Android which will work with Memory Map files  - MM Tracker - which looks really good. I'm still in awe of how "smart" smartphones have now become.